Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bits and Pieces

Over at asiapundits, Jon Twitch takes a lengthy look at the messy process through which Dongdaemun Design Park came to be, a topic I've touched on before here, here and here. It's well worth reading, and his photos of the destruction of the two Dongdaemun stadiums and of the last days of the flea market alone are worth seeing.

Vanity Fair takes a lengthy look at Samsung's business practices and the Samsung Apple patent war (hat tip to Scott Burgeson).

This Joongang Daily article about discriminatory practices by clubs in Seoul slipped my mind, and isn't particularly surprising (the fingerprint ID only requirement is a nice touch, though), but it did remind me of F5 Waeg's comment that "it does make sense to wish for pure blood if you're a big fan of the incest."

And here's an interview with author Gong Ji-young, perhaps best known for writing Dogani, which was turned into a film of the same name which created enough outrage to bring about new sex crime laws.

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